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Giant Bicycles

Committed to inspiring adventure in all cyclists, from casual to competitive, Giant aims to promote the cycling lifestyle all around the world.
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Cannondale Bicycles

Our mission is to create innovative, quality products that inspire cyclists around the world.
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KHS Bicyles

KHS Bicycles manufactures road, track, mountain, tandem, folding, cruiser, and youth bicycles as well as Manhattan Cruisers and FreeAgentBMX bicycles.
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guru cycles


At Guru Cycles, we continuously strive for the ultimate balance between Technology, Innovation, and Craftsmanship to provide you with the perfect bicycle that will embody your unique needs.
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Felt Bicycles

Our mission is simple. We stand determined to design, develop and deliver the best bicycles in the world. Period.
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Fuji Bikes

A complete line of men’s and women’s bicycles including: road, mountain, triathlon, track, cyclocross, touring, cruiser, hybrid, campus, path & trail, as well as kids and police models.
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Kestrel Bicycles

Road Bikes, Triathlon Bikes, Carbon parts including the EMS Pro series of handlebars and the new “Bird Cage” carbon bottle cage.
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Look Cycles

Inventor of the automatic pedal, of the first carbon frame in 1986 and of the first track single-piece carbon frame, LOOK is the worldwide leader of the track automatic pedal.
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Focus Bikes

Passion. Performance. Perfection. All Focus products are born of a passion motivated by the love of the sport. Everyone involved in the creation of the Focus range is inspired by the pursuit of the finest in cycling technology.
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Marin Cycles

Marin Bikes, was established in 1986 in San Anselmo, California.  It’s offices lie in the shadow of Mt. Tamalpais, commonly referred to as the birthplace of mountain biking and still at the heart of the sport.
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Colnago bikes are steeped in the history and heritage of Italian cycling, combined with forward thinking technology to give a winning ride.
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Ellsworth Bikes

Elsworth Handcrafted Bicycles is a bicycle manufacturer based in Ramona, Californiawith manufacturing facilities in Vancouver, Washington. Founded by Tony Ellsworth in 1991, it produces a range of trail, free-ride, and road bikes. Ellsworth also produce a designer/cruiser bike known as “The Ride.”
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Raleigh USA

The products we develop must meet the needs of today’s riders and the Raleigh of the future.  Raleigh has always been a forward thinking company with a tradition of innovation; today Raleigh continues that tradition with sophisticated, forward thinking designs that utilize advanced technologies and materials.
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Time-SportTime Sport

For more than twenty years, TIME has been revolutionizing the ever-changing world of modern cycling. The unique French savoir-faire and technological advances made by TIME, assert its products as industry benchmarks in the highly demanding world of cycling.
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Diamondback Bikes

Born in Camarillo, CA in 1978, “Diamond Back Bicycles” became “Diamondback Bicycles” in the early 21st century with its move to Kent, WA. Still making bad-ass mountain bikes and BMX machines.
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SE Bikes

SE Bikes

We make it happen. Worldwide!
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wilerWilier Triestina

Those who own a Wilier Triestina know that they didn’t choose just any bike. They know that the symbol of the halberd is part of the history of cycling, and a history more than a century old. Wilier Triestina was founded in 1906. Wilier Triestina’s style is the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. But it also stands for safety and reliability when performing at the highest levels.
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