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The GURU Experience unites technological precision and captured cyclist feedback to create a personalized fit profile and product configuration that’s as distinctive as you are. Powered by a proprietary system of fitting tools, software and methodology, GURU aligns critical body and bike measurements to the millimeter in real-time, providing an infinite range of automated adjustments as well as tailored bike and component recommendations.

Cyclists “feel the fit” as it happens without ever dismounting the GURU fitting unit, which seamlessly toggles between stored positions for easy comparison.GURU’s comprehensive approach gives you the confidence to not only choose The right bike, but most importantly, to discover your personal best.

As you’re dialed in to your perfect fit, you gain new insights about your riding position, the dynamics of your set up, and how they both influence your performance. Discovering what’s right for you based on your unique cycling needs is truly illuminating.

When your bike fits you, reaching your goals shifts from dream to reality. In perfect harmony with a bike aligned to every angle, movement and nuance of your body, you achieve your personal best, whether it’s shaving seconds at the finish line, or completing one more lap around the park.

This is when everything just clicks. Confidence. Peace of mind. Freedom. You’re on the bike that’s right for you and now anything is possible. Enlightening, inspiring and empowering. That’s The GURU Experience.

Basic Bike Finder Fit $49.95

  • Rebated with purchase

  • Ideal for new riders trying to find that right bike!

Custom Fit $149.95

  • Rebated with purchase

  • For the experienced rider trying to find the most comfortable, efficient and powerful riding position

RetroFit $149.95

  • For the rider who already has a bike and wants to get the most out of their riding experience

Premium Fit or Tri-Fit $249.95

  • Ideal for the serious racer or serious triathlete

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