GURU V2 Demo and FREE Aline Assessment

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GURU V2 Demo and FREE Aline assessment on Thursday, November 20th at 7pm

Pizza & Drinks Provided


All New GURU V2 is here… and ALINE too!

  • GURU Fit for All!
  • Key features of GURU V2:
  • GURU Optimization Fits for Road, Mountain, Time Trial, AND Recreation/Fitness bikes
  • Bike Finder for new, or returning Cyclist
  • GURU Fit Calculator for cyclist that absolutely love their current position, but want a new bike


GURU Optimization Fit has been expanded to include not only road bikes, but mountain bikes, time trial bikes, and recreational/fitness bikes. Riders of these other disciplines can now take advantage of the only dynamic fit system available and optimize their efficiency, comfort, and power. Final output is identical to Road fit by allowing a rider to see what bikes are good fits for their unique and specific riding position.

Bike Finder allows a new rider to experience what it feels like to ride different sizes of bikes to find that good fit when new to riding, or a retuning cyclist getting back into the sport after some time away. In real time, without getting off the Guru Fit bike, a rider can feel the difference between sizes of any type of bike including Road, Mountain, as well as Recreation/Fitness bikes. Finding the right bike is key to getting back into cycling, or for the new rider just starting out. A great fit will certainly lead to an awesome and fun experience.

GURU Fit Calculator has been designed for riders that absolutely love their current riding position and do not want to change that, but are wanting to upgrade or get into a new bike. By entering the specific fit parameters, and fit coordinates of their current set up, the Guru Fit Calculator will output current bikes that can accommodate that position. By taking some key measurements with the GURU Laser tool, the Guru operator can assist the client in finding that perfect new bike.

As you can see, the Guru Experience has been greatly expanded to serve riders of all levels from beginner to pro cyclist.

ALINE Suspension and Alignment system was founded to make people move better. With a 20 year history of product development with shoe brands including Reebok, and complex medical devices with corporations including Johnson & Johnson and Mitek; Aline suspension and alignment system has a great pedigree in that includes large and complex military design programs.

The Aline suspension and alignment system is an laser guided evaluation device, a medical grade insole and a procedure that will allow the client to observe before and after changes in the alignment of foot-to-ankle-to-knee while moving through typical pedal stoke range of motion.

If you can move better, you will perform better, and feel better!