Hammer Nutrition Night

//Hammer Nutrition Night


 Date: February 26th

 Time: 7pm


The evening will be filled with general information about Hammer Nutrition Products, as well as more technical supplement usage for your various activities.

Laura Labelle with Hammer Nutrition will be our key speaker, and will be fielding any and all questions you may have regarding general use, and specific tips relating to fueling for cycling, as well as other sports activities.

Suzy Degazon

Ultrawoman Suzy Degazon will also be on hand to lend a broader perspective to the evenings information.

Special discounts will be offered on all Hammer Nutrition products, and samples will also be made available on some of the more popular items in the Hammer Nutrition line-up.

We hope you can make it, as I am sure you will find some useful information that will help your cycling, or any other physical activity in which you engage.