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The Cyclery Bike Shop opened the doors on January 21st, 2010. The Owner, Steve Herrera, a lifelong cyclist, wanted to create a “Barber-shop” feel in a bike shop. Being able to create a place where cyclists could just hang out, share some cycling stories, grab a free bike magazine, or even watch some cycling events on the flat screens all seemed like a great place to be involved with. Having been racing bikes for over 15 years, Steve started his cycling at a very early age and has developed many great relationships that are cycle-centric. Being a bike shop customer since the age of 6, Steve knows what a bike shop customer wants and needs, and has set his goal to try to respect the customer at every point. Working on bikes since a very young age as well, Steve has also developed a great degree of skill and knowledge as a bike mechanic, and oversees all of the shops repairs and bike builds.

Upon entering The Cyclery Bike Shop, the first thing you’ll notice is the orderly manner and organized fashion in which bikes, parts, and supplies are displayed. As obvious are the two flat screen TVs showing a variety of cycling events, and action sports. Internet access to those same screens also serves as a great tool to show customers expanded views of bikes, parts, or trail maps. Once inside, you’ll be greeted by someone simply saying “Hi.” Selling is not the primary goal, and pushy sales people are not found here. Talking and establishing a meaningful exchange is the objective. Whether someone is looking to buy, or just  gathering information, the employees at The Cyclery Bike Shop are mostly interested in getting to know their customers, without prying, pestering, or bothering them. Customers who know what they want and are in a rush to get their supplies and get back on the road are assisted in an expedient manner, while others who simply want to hang out, check out some new stuff and chat are just as welcome. Often, folks will come by just to kill some time, read a free magazine, and/or ask some questions.