Introducing Sho-Air Cannondale

//Introducing Sho-Air Cannondale

With the best year we’ve ever had, the news about Canndale just keeps getting better and better. On Thursday, we launched the Sho-Air Cannondale Team.

With a championed history of mountain biking and a roster of some of the sport’s best athlete’s, Sho-Air will represent Cannondale’s factory mountain bike efforts in North America.   They’ll deliver excitment and high visibility to our mountain bike line all season long and we’ll be’ll be supporting their races throughout the country to drive consumer demand for Cannondale products right to your door!  For a sample of the excitement and intensity Team Sho-Air/Cannondale brings to the mountain racing scene in North America.

Stay tuned for an action packed spring as the team hits the race circuit!

See you out there!