Knobby Time is Here

//Knobby Time is Here
This Friday at 11:45 PM 
is the deadline for the 
3 Pack & Round #1
This Friday afternoon we will be marking most of the course for Saturday pre-riding.
This year the races will start
@ 10:00 AM.
Registration is now open.
3 Pack price is $105
Click here for 3 Pack
Round #1 Price is $40
Click here for Round #1
Remember we’ll be going 5 deep for podium spots
If 10 or more start in race class
We will go 5 deep
If 9 or less start in race class
We will go 3 deep
Once again, this year we will be starting 
1 hour later
than previous years.
Sunday’s @ 10:00 am
May 4th
June 8th
June 29th


See y’all real soon.