Michael Corona

//Michael Corona

Michael Corona is a highly motivated automotive technician who’s always working hard to better himself at not only cycling, but many other sports as well. He Started off mountain biking with a couple of co-workers at Fullerton Loop on his first bike, a Giant Boulder SE, and things took off from there. His co-workers pushed the idea of competitive mountain bike racing; he then decided to go for it at Over The Hump, his first race series where he earned second place overall in his category. After the first race series he was instantly hooked on the rush of mountain bike racing.

A local to La Mirada, he came into The Cyclery Bike Shop for simple tune-ups and services. After getting to know Steve and his crew, they quickly helped him gain knowledge about racing, training, and equipment. In 2014, he started racing cross country and downhill. He his first downhill event was at Fontana and is looking forward to many great years with The Cyclery Bike Shop.