Robert Romero

//Robert Romero

After being off a bike for 12 years, Robert decided it was time to get back on at the age of 50. In March of 2013 he started his quest. Training, training and more training. Within a month he started riding with team members Dave and Chuy, and the REAL training began.

During the summer of 2013 Robert decided to join a race for his 51st birthday. With Dave’s racing tips and Chuy’s “I think you can do it” encouragement, Robert signed up for Knobby Time. After what seemed like many grueling hours (actually only a little over 2) and within minutes of a search party being sent out, Robert came out of the trees to cross the finish line with one of the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen. He was hooked!

Robert started doing weekend rides with the team. Besides Dave and Chuy, he picked the brains of fellow team members and seasoned veterans, Chris Bautista and Steve Herrera. Rob was hungry to learn and wanted to be the best. He took his new found knowledge and raced part of the 2013 Southern California Prestige Series of Cyclo-cross.

In 2014, Robert stepped it up and started racing Cat 3 in The US Cup XC Series for The Cyclery Bike Shop Team. By 2015, he catted up to Sport. He looks forward to success and to continuing to build his skills.