The Owner

Steve Herrera

Steve Herrera, owner of The Cyclery Bike Shop, is a lifelong bike shop customer and a bike racer for many years. Still very active as a Cat 1 Mountain Bike Racer, Steve currently participates in no less than 25 races per year, and supports the racing community with various forms of contribution. Always eager to learn, Steve welcomes conversation with his customers, as well as with those seeking to find a place to call “their bike shop”. Interesting, and interested, Steve enjoys that time spent with customers in, or out of the shop.

With a degree in International Marketing, and a minor in Engineering, Steve has applied long proven marketing principals to his venture. Starting with the concept of “the customer is always right,” much time and care is taken to try to make the experience of dealing with The Cyclery Bike Shop enjoyable and fun. Helping the less fortunate with free service, allowing the local young riders to just hang out at the shop, and supporting the local College and schools are all part of what make The Cyclery Bike Shop a bit different and special.