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Tyler Peterson

Shop Manager, Downhill Racer

As the first full-time employee, Tyler, who comes from a BMX background,  lives cycling.

As the first full-time employee, Tyler comes from a BMX background. A dedicated cyclist, and even more dedicated BMX rider, Tyler lives cycling. His love for all things bike related shines through when you talk with him.

Since working at The Cyclery Bike Shop, Tyler has become an avid mountain biker and has even competed in his first few mountain bike races. He is currently becoming familiar with road cycling and has added a road bike to his “arsenal” (which also includes a BMX, mountain bike, unicycle, and fixie). A student of mechanics, Tyler has become a good mechanic and is working hard to become a very good mechanic. Having enrolled in Giants Retail Academy, as well as Shimano’s Tech Certification program, Tyler is focused on becoming proficient on all things related to bike mechanics.

The whole world is in front of Tyler. He is well aware of this and is eager to learn all that he can as soon as possible. His enthusiasm is infectious and his interest is high. Tyler is enjoyable to talk with and is quick to listen and offer to go ride with whoever is interested. Honorable, trustworthy, and likable with his heart in just the right place, Tyler is well on his way to establishing a career in cycling at The Cyclery Bike Shop.