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Basic Bike Finder


This Fit is designed for the new rider that wants to get a feel of how various sizes of bikes will feel while riding. By showing you what is too big, and what is too small, we can show you what is an appropriate size bike for you to ride based on your size. We will set up various bikes based on the riders intended style of riding, then once set up is complete we can toggle thru a few options to enable the rider to “feel the difference” of one bike/size compared to another. Once completed in a 15 minute session, we can make specific bike recommendations for the rider’s consideration.

Pro Bike Fit


This Fit is for the experienced rider trying to “optimize” their riding experience. Weather road or mountain, the Pro Bike Fit will allow the rider to see and feel the difference slight changes make to overall comfort, power, and efficiency. This process is completely dynamic as you are pedaling under load with resistance the entire time you are on the fit bike. Changes in position are made on the fly, while you pedal, and comparison, and contrasts are immediately felt. With the ability to save positions and toggle back and forth between saved positions, we can drill down and greatly sharpen the focus relating to one position over others. Additionally, with GURU 2.0 we can impose incline/decline to simulate up to a 12% grade. Overall time pedaling during a Pro Bike Fit is typically 45 minutes to 1 hour and may feel like a spin class workout, but with purpose!

Time Trail Fit


This Fit is for a Time Trial or Triathlon rider. The TT fit employs all the attributes of the Pro Bike Fit, but in a TT/Tri specific protocol. Time pedaling is similar, but set up takes a bit longer due to the front end/aero considerations.