Guru Basic Fit

The most advanced system for helping you find the right bike and the right size. Combined with the most sophisticated software it allows our Fitter to execute the most precise fit, quickly and efficiently. The most exciting function of The Cyclery Bike Shop’s GURU Experience is once the Fitter has captured the right fit, this sophisticated system will provide us with a detailed report of preferred bikes for the customer, including the size, the make, the model and the details of how many spacers underneath the stem, the angle of the stem, and the length of the stem. Adding to the program, the GURU Experience has partnered with Fizik Saddles and Zipp Handlebars to set-up the full bike-fit experience. With the GURU Experience Bike Fit Report, the customer can walk out onto the sales, floor, and working with our Sales Associates, select the right size bike, have it set it up exactly to their needs, ready to test ride and confident the bike will fit properly out the door.

Looking at fine-tuning the fit of your current bike? Take it to the next level of performance with a GURU Retro-Fit Experience. We’ll take the geometry specifications from your existing bike. Enter this information into the GURU Fit System and then fine-tune your fit to maximize comfort and performance.